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What is the meaning of erect in Hindi?

Meaning of erect in Hindi is : स्थापित करना

Definition of word erect

  • Upright; vertical or reaching broadly upwards. (adjective)
  • Rigid, firm; standing out perpendicularly. (adjective)
  • To put up by the fitting together of materials or parts. (verb)
  • To cause to stand up or out. (verb)

Examples of word erect

  • The former word also means _he will establish_, or _plant in an erect position_ -- from the verb [Hebrew] _Kūn, he stood erect_.
  • She has walked and walked, in erect dignity – with a child on her back and a load on her head.
  • From the wing came a high grinding noise; through her porthole she saw the flaps strain erect, exposing their valves, and the vast tapering wing, with its indifferent little aerial at the very tip and its aluminum segments stenciled with warnings to mechanics, seem to stand on end; the intricate stiff entity of it was heeling beyond any angle of possible recovery.
  • In the fall it dries out but the stalks remain erect.
  • When the news, if you can call an erect penis news, exploded on to the Twittersphere, and then the blogosphere, and then into what another prominent American politician calls the "lamestream" media, Weiner seemed a bit confused.


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