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What is the meaning of equivalent in Hindi?

Meaning of equivalent in Hindi is : समार्ह

Definition of word equivalent

  • Similar or identical in value, meaning or effect; virtually equal. (adjective)
    मूल्य, अर्थ या प्रभाव में समान या समान; लगभग बराबर।
  • Anything that is virtually equal to another. (noun)
    कुछ भी जो वस्तुतः दूसरे के बराबर है।
  • To make equivalent to; to equal. (verb)
    के बराबर करना; बराबर करने के लिए।

Examples of word equivalent

  • At our club, the minimum requirement for becoming an instructor for any class is that you have taken a dog through obedience competition to earn a title equivalent or higher than the level that you are teaching.
  • Kol tribe, and Bhumij, another term equivalent to Bhuiya, of a second branch.
  • His interest continued at Cornell University, where he majored in physics and wrote what he calls his equivalent of a MacArthur "genius" grant: the words to what would become the popular Peter, Paul and Mary song, "Puff the Magic Dragon."
  • I admit readily - indeed I shout it out loud here at my blog - that getting medical information from headlines or the media equivalent is an extremely bad idea.
  • In case, some ang moh don't know what datin is, it's a title equivalent to ladyship.
  • But Nalboon, the Domak -- a title equivalent to your word 'Emperor' and our word 'Karfedix' -- of
  • According to the Greek version and others, St. Mathew (xxvi, 36) designates Gethsemani by a term equivalent to that used by St. Mark.
  • Nazōraios is to be understood as a title equivalent to “Nazar-ja” (God is guardian), in the sense of ho sōtēr = Jesus, etc.