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What is the meaning of equinoctial in Hindi?

Meaning of equinoctial in Hindi is : सम्पातीय

Definition of word equinoctial

  • Of or relating to an equinox. (adjective)
  • The great circle midway between the celestial poles; the celestial equator. (noun)

Examples of word equinoctial

    • The equator is the line C, D, which upon the globe is a circle, and is sometimes called the equinoctial: Upon this circle the degrees of longitude are reckoned, beginning at C, and counting all round the globe till you come to C again; and O is the middle of the world between A and B, which are the two poles thereof: A representing the
    • As one half of the ecliptic is north, and the other half south, of the equator, the line of intersection of their planes is at two points which are known as the equinoctial points, because, when the Sun on his upward and downward journey arrives at either of them the days and nights are of equal length all over the world.
    • The two first stars named are exactly on what is called the equinoctial line.
    • If we suppose the south pole to be the centre of a chart of which the equinoctial is the circumference, we shall then discern four quarters, of the contents of which, if we could give a full account, this part of the world would be perfectly discovered.
    • During colonial times, the proximity of many of these storms to the autumnal equinox led early Americans to call them "equinoctial" storms or "line" storms, thought to be a reference to the tropic of cancer, the imaginary "line" near the hurricane breeding zone that encircles the world at approximately 23 ½ degrees N. latitude (it slowly changes position over time).
    • This was the beginning of a long and dreary autumnal storm, a deferred "equinoctial," as many considered it.
    • This discouraging condition of affairs sorely afflicted her, and produced a kind of equinoctial agitation in the Hollis kitchen.
    • This was probably the "equinoctial," and when it was over there would be a delightful Indian summer, and the turnips would grow nicely.