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What is the meaning of enviable in Hindi?

Meaning of enviable in Hindi is : स्पृहणीय

Definition of word enviable

  • Arousing or likely to arouse envy. (adjective)

Examples of word enviable

  • Young, balanced Red Sox in enviable position - USATODAY. com
  • In spite of this the Commandant's lot might fairly have been called enviable until the day which terminated the ninety-nine years 'lease upon which the Duke held the Islands.
  • At any rate, our gardeners would have to learn as they go, and if any man can be called enviable it is an artist learning to express art's eternal principles in a new medium, under new conditions.
  • Although thou hast all that the world would call enviable and happy, unless thou hast peace
  • With such an "enviable" percent body fat, your immune system could be at risk.
  • Emerging markets in Latin America and Asia are in an "enviable" position for growth, with rising consumer demand and low interest rates, Slim, 71, said in November.
  • Lamb, it will be remembered, had refused to let Coleridge use "enviable" in "Lewti."
  • While Tressel pointed out the Big Ten's "enviable" central location could allow it to expand west, south or east, Paterno said he'd like to see the Big Ten "move east a little bit" for a broader television market.
  • Rossland crime statistics comparing 2008 and 2009 have been released for the Alpine city with a few interesting changes but all said the city is considered "enviable" in terms of lack of crime.