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What is the meaning of entrapped in Hindi?

Meaning of entrapped in Hindi is : संपाशित

Definition of word entrapped

  • Simple past tense and past participle of entrap. (verb)

Examples of word entrapped

  • “It was you that entrapped me, ” began Gregory, shaking from head to foot, “entrapped me into——”85
  • And that's another difference: Kate's e-mail "entrapped" Kinsella; Warman's e-mails aren't as subtle -- he doesn't entrap people into uttering racist remarks, he outright plants those racist remarks himself.
  • Mr Justice Hart said that given the evidence of two meetings between Amir and Mr Kearns in particular, Mr Kearns had been "entrapped".
  • The bar owners said they don't want to be "entrapped" and face $500 citations from the state excise police.
  • SB 1070 says employers who want to claim they were "entrapped" must show the idea of breaking the law started not with them but with police or prosecutors.


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