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What is the meaning of entente in Hindi?

Meaning of entente in Hindi is : सौहार्द

Definition of word entente

Examples of word entente

  • The result of all these visits was that peace was kept with the whole of Europe, at a time when it seemed that very little might have caused a war, and after centuries of misunderstanding an agreement known as the Entente Cordiale was signed with France.
  • Next, however, to what our sailors achieved afloat, the most important influence in giving victory to the side of the Entente was the development, to an extent previously undreamt of, of the British fighting resources ashore.
  • No industrial harmony can exist, unless the three great factors of production, Brain, Brawn and Capital form an "Entente," and resolve to treat each other on the basis of justice and fair play.
  • The two sides were the Allied Powers (Triple "Entente" or alliance of
  • In such circumstances, working together and constructing what the Daily Mail in London termed "The Entente Frugal" makes a good deal of practical sense and is welcome.
  • Yet that dream was little more than false hope based on a belief the Entente powers were fighting for “rights and justice” and on misleading promises.
  • And on November 13, 1918, he saw 44 warships of the Entente fleet steam past Constantinople into the Bosphorus.
  • You know, the time after WW1 in Germany when the economy began to tank not only because of war costs and repairations but also because the Triple Entente (US, France, Britain, then later Italy, and Russia until 1917) pretty much destroyed the heck out of Germany and crippled their industry.