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What is the meaning of enshrouded in Hindi?

Meaning of enshrouded in Hindi is :
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Definition of word enshrouded

  • Simple past tense and past participle of enshroud. (verb)

Examples of word enshrouded

  • Better to keep him hidden away, enshrouded in the dark.
  • Or the one whose mind was enshrouded by fog, thick and gray and impenetrable?
  • Its top was enshrouded in mist, as was the rocky shoreline below, and I could see the great yawning mouth of a cave closer than I would have liked.
  • It was a gray day, somehow different from the gentle mist that usually enshrouded Sheol.
  • The clean air act wouldn't have passed and cities would be enshrouded in smog and childhood asthma levels would be even higher than there are today.

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