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What is the meaning of enshrouded in Hindi?

Meaning of enshrouded in Hindi is :
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Definition of word enshrouded

  • To cover with or as if with a shroud: Clouds enshrouded the summit. (verb-transitive)

Examples of word enshrouded

  • Photograph by Leon Chew An intact ruin that was once a museum We walk up a flight of stairs chiseled into the cheek of a dusty hillside where white tarps enshroud a city of relics, including grand terra-cotta structures used for worshipping, a corridor leading to a small chapel with a seated Buddha, and fragments of faded red frescoes although most have been removed by the archaeologists, others have been ravaged by looters.
  • Placed within a long view of history, it clearly signals the formation of those antidemocratic forces waiting in the shadows for an opportune moment to enshroud the entirety of the United States in what the philosopher Hannah Arendt once called, "dark times."
  • Despite the warnings, the journalists see a Russian tourist enshroud himself in the cloth and slide into the water from the Jordan site.
  • By engaging in hundreds of millions of dollars worth of derivatives trades every day, banks enshroud themselves in complex webs of debt that no regulator can decipher.
  • The question now is whether it's too late -- whether McCain's criticism of Rudy will be perceived as desperation on his part or whether it's too late to cut through the fog of 9/11 mythology that Rudy has managed to enshroud himself in.

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