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What is the meaning of enforceable in Hindi?

Meaning of enforceable in Hindi is : प्रवर्तनीय

Definition of word enforceable

  • Capable of being enforced. (adjective)
    लागू करने में सक्षम।

Examples of word enforceable

  • The recommendations we propose today create clear expectations, encourage broad-based participation, and would result in enforceable public benefits that comply with legal standards.
  • Bush and his USDA undersecretary Mark Rey simply threw out the idea of enforceable environmental standards -- the Court was not amused: [C] ourts have rejected USDA's argument that the programmatic nature of the plan development rule necessarily means that it will have no effect on the environment or protected species.
  • We have looked at the history and tried to write this legislation with that knowledge in mind, that this time we have to write a bill that's enforceable, that is funded, and that can do the job.
  • Would you support, Senator Graham, what Senator Boxer calls enforceable benchmarks?
  • Yet the developing world, as you know better than I, is saying that it doesn't want whatever working group or forum is set up to even consider the idea of enforceable trade sanctions or protections.
  • Last week, in a court filing, the Dodgers called "enforceable" a clause in their current cable TV contract with Fox's Prime Ticket network calling for a 45-day exclusive negotiating period starting Oct. 15, 2012, to reach a new deal with Fox.
  • It's not enforceable, which is why it's not respected or followed.