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What is the meaning of endured in Hindi?

Meaning of endured in Hindi is :

Definition of word endured

  • Simple past tense and past participle of endure. (verb)

Examples of word endured

  • But what we endured is a meanness of spirit, a viciousness, and a cruelty that I hope no political family will ever be subjected to again.
  • With rampant racism throughout both the government and the military, McIlwain endured hate and abuse that most Americans couldn't conjure in a nightmare as he embarked on a personal journey of courage and determination, becoming one of the country's first black fighter pilots - one of the famed Tuskegee
  • The suffering the Afghan people have endured is unbelievable.
  • AS a scientist I am sure that Steven is aware of the challenges that Newton and Einstein endured when they questioned the received wisdom.
  • For all the pain endured and ahead, if the current economic crisis spawns a new ethic to replace the conspicuous consumption of the recent past, future generations will benefit.
  • Rudy Giuliani becomes the first Republican speaker to describe what John McCain endured in the POW camp as "torture."
  • Not to mention the hit its reputation will take, by seeming to be a shill for the war, which will reinforce the attacks it has long endured from the Left.
  • For five and a half years, McCain endured heroically.