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What is the meaning of endure in Hindi?

Meaning of endure in Hindi is : स्थिर रहना

Definition of word endure

  • To continue or carry on, despite obstacles or hardships. (verb)
    बाधाओं या कठिनाइयों के बावजूद जारी रखना या जारी रखना।

Examples of word endure

  • Still, she lives by her mother’s words – “Simply to endure is to triumph” – and gradually, she forms friendships with the other girls that enable her to survive in this terrifying new world.
  • What she has had to endure is disgusting and the attacks on her family has turned me off to the Left for many years to come. cappicola
  • Among the trials the successful candidate must endure is spending:
  • Richard Powers, John Berkey, Vincent DiFate, Jeff Jones, Michael Whelan, and Bob Eggleton, for example .... all major illustrators in the history of the field, but with very different approaches and I think the reason their images endure is each offers a personal vision, and that resonates with the audience.
  • The Guardian looks at why do vampire novels have such lasting appeal: "... the reason the vampire novel will continue to endure is because words have the power to capture and sustain the allure and mystique that surrounds them in a way that films, despite their more visceral properties of sound and image, do not."
  • The poverty that some graduate students endure is not directly attirbutable to the university and their financial support.
  • As members, you can read it for yourselves but the corruption, crime and hardship these people must endure is heartbreaking.