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What is the meaning of end in Hindi?

Meaning of end in Hindi is : ख़ात्मा

Definition of word end

  • To finish, terminate. (verb)
    समाप्त करना, समाप्त करना।
  • The final point of something in space or time. (noun)
    अंतरिक्ष या समय में किसी चीज का अंतिम बिंदु।

Examples of word end

    • GIF counter db 0; To keep track of number of files viewed in_prog db 0 end_prog: filename db 50 dup (?) _end: end main
    • All nature -- its most comprehensive cosmic realms as well as the realms of its smallest organisms -- together with the corporeal, psychical, and spiritual nature of man, shows a _harmony_, a _conformity to the end in view_, and a _striving toward an end_ of its development, the denial of which will certainly not add to the laurels which transmit the scientific fame of our present generation to posterity.
    • Anchors at the end of the line. end$ requires the text end to be at the end of the line, with no intervening spaces or text.
    • Is not God Himself the beginning, centre, end -- nay, not _end_, because it endureth for ever -- of all real, true love?
    • Night without end for Him -- _night without end_ ...!
    • From the foregoing, it may be seen that accurately to measure the temperature of the hot end of a thermo-couple, we _must know the temperature of the cold end_, as it is the _difference_ in the temperatures that determines the voltmeter readings.
    • R.SALIE (_moves to chair upper end of table_ R. CR.SBY _crosses to_ R. _end of chesterfield_).
    • That end in which the will rests, willing it for itself without reference to anything beyond, is called the _last end_.
    • The floor of the kiln is first covered with bricks, placed on end, at a little distance from each other, so as to allow the fire to pass between them, and the tiles are placed _on end_ on these.
    • Assyria, the classic mythologies of graceful Greece and iron Rome, the monstrous shasters of thine Indian Pundits, or the more chaotic clouds of thy German philosophies -- in none of them wilt thou ever find this divine thought, _an end of destructions -- a perpetual end_.