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What is the meaning of encryption in Hindi?

Meaning of encryption in Hindi is :

Definition of word encryption

  • The process of obscuring information to make it unreadable without special knowledge, key files, and/or passwords. May also apply to electronic signal, hard drive, message, document... (noun)

Examples of word encryption

  • In fact I will use the term encryption, where quantum information is transformed in ways that an observer who lack the appropriate “key” is unable to cypher.
  • Another way to avoid data loss without using device or PC encryption is by using remote access technologies such as Citrix/Terminal Services.
  • The advantage of pen and paper is the built-in encryption, since nobody outside my closest relatives would be able to decrypt my handwriting ...
  • If you're encryption is strong, it doesn't matter who has access to the files.
  • It's raining too much here to check everything out but I think if you are a regular Dish customer, the encryption is off on PPV also.


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