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What is the meaning of emporia in Hindi?

Meaning of emporia in Hindi is :

Definition of word emporia

  • Plural form of emporium. (noun)

Examples of word emporia

  • These statistics should disturb all of us for one simple reason: Far too much of what China is flooding our grocery stores and drug emporia with is pure poison.
  • Through family heirlooms, scouring shops or trolling online emporia.
  • Some of his errands were routine, but there were three that were not'trips to three different Chinese emporia.
  • But then he got serious, and seriously downmarket, opening four of his own gritty, Britty locavore emporia.
  • Civilizations and emporia, and the routes within and between them, rose and fell across the Silk Road during its long history.
  • They have become food emporia, stocking foods from dozens of countries.
  • There were more flea markets than licensed, tax-paying emporia in Rio Blanco.
  • Of all the albums the Chairman Of The Board cut during his quarter-century association with Reprise Records, why was My Way tapped for remastering, rebuffing, re-polishing, and reinsertion in the CD racks and online emporia?