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What is the meaning of empanelled in Hindi?

Meaning of empanelled in Hindi is : द‌ंडित किया गया

Definition of word empanelled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of empanel. (verb)

Examples of word empanelled

  • Institutions which satisfy a certain criteria are 'empanelled'.
  • This panel was empanelled by the Bush Administration (not by the Obama Administration) and is/was comprised of ignorant, calloused, cold-hearted conservatives and members of the GOP who live in the Dark Ages who are against citizens of the United States of America's 14th Amendment Rights and who do not want national health care.
  • Coal India said the "scope of services" of the empanelled bidder will include financial appraisal of new and existing expansion projects and preparing project reports, market projections, risk analysis and estimations of financial resource requirements.
  • Should the lawyer dissemble about the client's unquestioned guilt lest the public -- maybe even the jury about to be empanelled -- becomes prejudiced from the outset "Even his own lawyer thinks he's guilty"?
  • Normally, the process involves a formal communication between the U.S. court, at which the grand jury is empanelled, and the court with jurisdiction over the foreign national being asked to appear.


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