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What is the meaning of emollient in Hindi?

Meaning of emollient in Hindi is : कम करनेवाला
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Definition of word emollient

  • Softening and soothing, especially to the skin. (adjective)
  • Making less harsh or abrasive; mollifying: the emollient approach of a diplomatic mediator. (adjective)
  • An agent that softens or soothes the skin. (noun)
  • An agent that assuages or mollifies. (noun)

Examples of word emollient

  • From what I’ve been able to glean online, it’s a hormonal thing, and no amount of soaking in emollient baths seems to make a blind bit of difference.
  • Peter Riddell, author of "The Unfulfilled Prime Minister: Tony Blair and the End of Optimism," says that if Brown, once he's become prime minister, cannot be "emollient" to hard-core Blairites, the "fault lines" will widen, possibly splitting the party in two.
  • "You clearly have no idea at all about what I actually said but I wouldn't want you to let the facts get in the way of a good rant," replied the ever emollient Davies.
  • Senior officials and diplomats in Brussels confirmed that the IMF threat to pull the plug on its funding, in stark contrast to the more emollient line of Strauss-Kahn, had been defused because of a German climbdown.
  • Ever emollient, she adds: "If we succeed it should mean that the rest of the system should be doing more and better."

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