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What is the meaning of emcee in Hindi?

Meaning of emcee in Hindi is :

Definition of word emcee

  • Variation of MC, master of ceremonies (host of a game show or function). (noun)
  • To act as the master of ceremonies. (verb)

Examples of word emcee

    • A conjunto (combo), the more contemporary musical group with amplifiers, electric guitars, singer and emcee, is setting up just as the band packs up.
    • As I said, my first time reading outside the safe environs of Caferati (I'm not counting Kala Ghoda because there I was in emcee mode, which I'm used to; couldn't see the audience, which always helps; and besides, there was a large and supportive Caferati turnout), so I'm afraid the evening went by in too much of a blur for me to be able to add much more than this.
    • Faith, you're hip-hop's savior - the female emcee is finally back.
    • When the host—he just loved that they called the emcee the host, as if they were all his guests—called down the first lucky player, he grinned broadly and laughed out loud.
    • The emcee is usually a comedian, so they shouldn’t need a writer, right?
    • The emcee was the Asian Art's public relations dude, Tim Hallman, who looks and acts like a slightly butcher version of Tim Gunn on "Project Runway," and that's in every way a compliment.
    • The emcee was the guy who won our little "Raising Money" contest last April.
    • The emcee was a man named Wes Battersea, and there were four of us girls seated on the panel, each with a telephone in front of her.