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What is the meaning of embrace in Hindi?

Meaning of embrace in Hindi is : समाविष्ट करना

Definition of word embrace

  • hug, put arms around. (verb)
    गले लगाओ, बाहों को चारों ओर रखो।
  • hug (noun); putting arms around someone. (noun)
    आलिंगन (संज्ञा); किसी के चारों ओर हथियार डालना।

Examples of word embrace

    • But I'd rather the label embrace the video so I don't have to go sneaking around from site to site.
    • I prefer to use the word "embrace" rather than "buy-in," a more commonly used word synonymous with change efforts.
    • And if any one would have this term embrace the ceremony [of the Mass], we readily concede it, provided he neither understands the ceremony alone, nor teaches that the ceremony profits _ex opere operato_.
    • Most of the time – in fact, pretty much all the time – that "embrace" is an abstraction.
    • The "embrace" is not for those who disagree about the moral character of homosexual acts and the charade of transgendered manipulations, but for those, like President Obama, who celebrate homosexuality as a worthy equal to heterosexuality (or is it better than heterosexuality??), who insist the only criteria for marriage is "love" (which, for male homosexuals, changes focus often).
    • That kind of embrace is pretty damn suspicious, especially nowadays.
    • While the party could again embrace Rick Lazio, the former congressman defeated by Mr. Paladino in the gubernatorial primary, or Harry Wilson, who lost a close race for state comptroller, the Republican bench looks bare.
    • In any case, I regard the embrace from the left as mostly, merely strategic on its part.
    • I have further said that not all of those people believe what they embrace is "good."