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What is the meaning of embedded in Hindi?

Meaning of embedded in Hindi is : सन्निहित

Definition of word embedded

  • Simple past tense and past participle of embed. (verb)
  • Part of; firmly, or securely surrounded; lodged solidly into; deep-rooted. (adjective)
  • Partially buried in concrete or planted in earth. (adjective)

Examples of word embedded

  • The name embedded on the plastic in no way resembled the name ‘Steven,’ but George resisted the urge to question him about it.
  • Claire wishes she had an illness with her name embedded in it, a claim so poetically tragic.
  • I like to use the term embedded more than internal, since it makes explicit the fact that the DSL piggybacks the infrastructure of an existing language (aka the host language of the DSL).
  • A term embedded with meaning, a title built on strict principles and rituals that still somehow added up to a very vague reality.
  • The short version is that certain embedded media made changes to recent entries.


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