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What is the meaning of embarrassment in Hindi?

Meaning of embarrassment in Hindi is : घबराहट

Definition of word embarrassment

  • A state of discomfort arising from bashfulness or consciousness of having violated a social rule; humiliation. (noun)

Examples of word embarrassment

  • If you were a competent analyst and were told that by a company, would you (a) crawl into a hole in embarrassment at being a simpleton and give the company you couldn't understand a glowing rating; or (b) downgrade the company?
  • She's from Idaho, not Alaska and we can be thankful one more political embarrassment is off the stage, hopefully sue
  • What's an embarrassment is the MN State GOP making such a statement.
  • After President Obama forgave Lieberman for attacking his character and good intentions during 2008 presidential campaign, especially in light of Democratic Legislatures preference to terminate Lieberman's political career, the embarrassment is solely on "Joe the Jerk" Lieberman.
  • But while keeping up the charade may be saving the ECB some short-term embarrassment, its existing policies of propping up insolvent banks and governments are only increasing the cost of the euro-zone crisis in the long term.
  • Governor Sanford's greatest self-embarrassment is his self-righteous condemnation of others 'behavior.
  • I think when Chesterton wrote that, if someone were to actually say, "That is wicked," the Journalists would shuffle their feet in embarrassment, but generally not dispute the obvious truth.
  • The only embarrassment is the GOP's continued hypocrisy and their obstructionist tactics.