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What is the meaning of emanate in Hindi?

Meaning of emanate in Hindi is : प्रसर्ग

Definition of word emanate

  • To come from a source; stem out of (verb)
    एक स्रोत से आने के लिए; से बाहर निकलना

Examples of word emanate

  • Stay tuned as ever-sleazier attacks on Richard Colvin emanate from the PMO.
  • BLOGS, major television and radio networks and media personalities are promoting and propagating anger, fear and hatred; they sell the fear that the U.S. is in emanate danger from a totalitarian nightmare posed by an attack by liberals upon their fundamental rights.
  • And keep in mind, it no longer has to emanate from the federal government.
  • The central tension of her work, and what has made it such a success, is that her ideas, launched at women who desire to gain or maintain position in the middle-middle class, emanate from the sort of person who gives that group the deepest and most reflexive shudder of all: pee-on-the-side-of-the-road white trash.
  • A personality of smallness and egotism and petty underhandedness seemed to emanate from the letters themselves.
  • How nice it is to hear a voice of sanity and intelligence emanate from the Republican party.
  • A candidate resembling Hitler is highly likely to emanate from the Republican party.