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What is the meaning of elixir in Hindi?

Meaning of elixir in Hindi is : हीर

Definition of word elixir

  • A liquid which converts lead to gold. (noun)
  • A liquid which is believed to cure all ills and gives eternal life. (noun)
  • A sweet flavored liquid (usually containing a small amount of alcohol) used in compounding medicines to be taken by mouth in order to mask an unpleasant taste. (noun)

Examples of word elixir

  • In the eternal quest for a fountain of youth, no elixir is beyond the realm of consideration.
  • Petrea, and some little also by her calling her elixir poison, threw upon her a look of great displeasure, and devoted herself to the weeping and bleeding Petrea.
  • The recent sessions with the "elixir" -a mixture of blood, ground pearl, mercury, sulfur, and several herbs Alinor couldn't identify-had generated vast amounts of psychic energy, powers which Al-Hazim could not see, and which Alinor had thought at first that he was probably not aware of.
  • Like the elusive "elixir" - from the word al-iksir of the Arab alchemists - for changing base metal into gold, Muslim science altered medieval Christendom beyond recognition.
  • In case you're not in the know, "single barrel" means that unlike most whiskeys, which are blended and bottled from several different barrels in which the elixir has been aging, each bottle comes from one specially selected barrel that's determined by the distiller to be (barrel) head and shoulders above the rest of the batch.


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