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What is the meaning of eligible in Hindi?

Meaning of eligible in Hindi is : वांछनीय

Definition of word eligible

  • suitable; meeting the conditions; worthy of being chosen (adjective)
    ठीक; शर्तों को पूरा करना; चुने जाने के योग्य
  • One who is eligible. (noun)
    एक जो पात्र है।

Examples of word eligible

    • The term 'eligible beneficiary' means any individual who is an active enrollee in the CLASS program and, as of the date described in subparagraph B
    • "What he's done and what he's done to reclaim his career and seemingly the kind of person that he has become makes him -- I don't even want to use the word eligible -- but you know, it's time," he said.
    • The benefit is they remain eligible to enter legally in the future whereas those involuntarily deported are subject to a strict ten year bar.
    • April 25, 2009 - Families living in eligible areas of Montgomery County are invited to join the Study.
    • Thanks to Brissenden, his black suit was out of pawn and he was again eligible for dinner parties.
    • But recently, city officials have been concerned whether Mr. Smith's group would be able to meet a year-end deadline to remain eligible for the $20 million of federally backed financing.
    • The Recovery Act allowed investors to exclude 75% of their profits if they invested in eligible small businesses between mid-February 2009 and the end of this year.
    • Fredrik Wentzel (Almtuna) — Second-year eligible is a classic late bloomer who has come out of nowhere and continued to impress us by taking Almtuna to the Swedish Elite League qualifying round, posting great numbers.