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What is the meaning of elation in Hindi?

Meaning of elation in Hindi is : प्रसन्नता

Definition of word elation

  • An exhilarating psychological state of pride and optimism; an absence of depression (noun)
  • A feeling of joy and pride (noun)

Examples of word elation

    • She knows that if I am not looking up every five minutes in elation to bug her about how great it is, that it's not great.
    • Well, calm down my fellow Americans, their victory and their elation is short-lived because President Obama has many things to learn as President, as every new President does, but he has shown the ability to learn from a mistake, or learn from an experience in this case.
    • I'd also forgotten how after you get that first week of lectures prepared, the feeling of elation is quickly replaced with the sobering realization that the next week isn't even started.
    • The sugar buzz remains but the chocolate elation is just flowing away.
    • Some fans climbed on top of cars and danced in elation, while others wearing blue and white Colts jerseys posed for pictures with the giant statues on the monument.


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