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What is the meaning of either in Hindi?

Meaning of either in Hindi is : हर

Definition of word either

  • Both, each of two (people or things). (pronoun)
  • as well (adverb)
  • Introduces the first of two options, the second of which is introduced by "or". (conjunction)

Examples of word either

  • In either case the owner will really pay annually only upon the land value, not upon the growth; the only difference being that under the proposed system he would not be asked to, while under the present system _either there will be no growth to tax, or, if there is, he cannot afford to pay and the land will revert_.
  • Only cards in the highest or lowest rows are available, until a card from any other row is released, by the removal of cards either above or below it, the principle being that no card can be used that is not free _either_ from the top or the bottom.
  • -- "He is either the most distressed man, or the best actor, I ever saw in my life," replied the comedian: "and, as _either one or the other, he has a brotherly claim upon me_."
  • a thousand years since_: neither am I moved with certain courtly decencies, which I esteem it flattery to praise in presence; no, it is flattery to _praise in absence: that is_, when _either_ the virtue is absent, _or -- the occasion_ is absent, and so the praise is _not natural_, but _forced_, either in truth, _or -- in time_.
  • If the Dems gain ground but don’t take either house, can *either* party really claim victory?
  • The Leafs, with assistant GM Claude Loiselle in charge of the negotiation, probably want a salary that starts in the $2.5 million to $3 million range, with the term either three years - one short of Schenn's unrestricted season - or five years, which means the club would effectively be buying one year of that UFA status.
  • Standard format for a synopsis dictates that the title either all in caps or bolded is centered at the top of the first page of the synopsis, with “Synopsis” on the line below it.
  • On the others (dies or rendered inapable), "what if" however, Mr. Medvedev met an unexpected and unfortunatedemise during his term either from natural causes or possibly as the recent horrific case with Ms. Bhutto brought reality home to all, not from natural causes.
  • I didn't get the title either, and I swear I have Goodnight Moon memorized from reading it aloud over and over and over to my kids.