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What is the meaning of egregious in Hindi?

Meaning of egregious in Hindi is : बेहद खराब

Definition of word egregious

  • Exceptional, conspicuous, outstanding, most usually in a negative fashion. (adjective)

Examples of word egregious

  • That's why Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke protested Tuesday what he described as "egregious errors" in some reports, and released a staff memo with details.
  • The judge discovered what she called egregious government disclosures to expected witnesses.
  • Cursing himself for what he called his egregious folly in making himself the slave of a mere lady's attendant, and for having given the parish, should they know of her refusal, a chance of sneering at him -- certainly a ground for thinking less of his standing than before -- he went home to the Old House, and walked indecisively up and down his back-yard.
  • The book is compiled and made public every year by Citizens Against Government Waste, which also dispenses "Oinker Awards" to highlight what it calls egregious examples of pork barrel requests.
  • One of the most egregious is the alleged "News" of Fox News and News Corp.
  • I am advocating that bans on reimportation be lifted so that companies cannot engage in egregious price discrimination.