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What is the meaning of ego in Hindi?

Meaning of ego in Hindi is : मैं

Definition of word ego

  • the self, especially with a sense of self-importance (noun)

Examples of word ego

  • As a concept, self-esteem can be traced to Freud, who used the term ego ideal.
  • If the word ego flashed in front of you, what would you write?
  • Over the last two and a half years we searched 2,190 news articles mainly business-related that used the word ego in any way.
  • The word ego comes from Latin, where it means “I, myself.”
  • ‡ The term ego is often used to mean personal pride and self-absorption: “Losing at chess doesn’t do much for my ego.
  • (EE-goh) The “I” or self of any person (ego is Latin for “I”).
  • The term ego, added to an active Indian verb, renders it passive.
  • The term ego-trip comes up more than once in the bonus material; one actress says she hated working on the set because of him.