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What is the meaning of education in Hindi?

Meaning of education in Hindi is : सुधार

Definition of word education

  • The process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment. (noun)
  • Facts, skills and ideas that have been learned, either formally or informally. (noun)

Examples of word education

    • For example I added myself to the education directory this way @wefollow #education.
    • If this be true, and popular opinion is to supersede the wisdom of the experts, if the people are really to have power, and be competent critics of good government, or merely to become good material in the hands of constructive statesmanship, education must include or be essentially _political education_.
    • But if this be granted, I have established my contention that the Humanities should not be treated as a mere crown and ornament of education; that they should inform every part of it, from the beginning, in every school of the realm: that whether a child have more education or less education, what he has can be, and should be a ‘liberal educationÂ’ throughout.
    • Ornamental education is not wanted -- it is worse than useless until a _useful education_ has been inculcated.
    • ” And, as I am afraid it is not permissible to speak of this form of opposition to scientific education in the past tense; may we not expect to be told that this, not only omission, but prohibition, of “mere literary instruction and education” is a patent example of scientific narrow-mindedness?


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