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What is the meaning of editor in Hindi?

Meaning of editor in Hindi is : सम्पादक

Definition of word editor

  • A person who edits or makes changes to documents. (noun)
    एक व्यक्ति जो दस्तावेजों को संपादित करता है या उनमें परिवर्तन करता है।

Examples of word editor

  • He was editor of The Bookman after that magazine was taken over by the George H. Doran Company, and retired to the genteel dignity of “contributing editor” in 1920, to obtain leisure for more writing of his own.
  • Left, the editor: Matthew Winkler, who conceived Bloomberg News and retains the title editor in chief.
  • When you close the label editor all languages which no other logged on user has instantiated are flushed back to the ald.
  • • When opening the label editor we instantiate an instance of the label class for every language.
  • For the last five years, I have worked at PRWeek, where I most recently held the title editor-in-chief.
  • While I'm in Drvengrad, my editor is already working on kilometers of archive footage and footage of his concerts.
  • In regard to my print book reviews, my editor is a lot like my radio producer; busy, not wishing to be put on the spot so to speak by an author or a publicist.
  • In this case, my editor is my client, and she expected the manuscript for BITE AFTER BITE, the first volume of my Night Court lawyer-vampire series, by May 1.
  • Except that might create a dangerous precedent if your editor is a chocoholic.
  • But beating around the bush, might give you the impression that your editor is a jerk.