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What is the meaning of eaves in Hindi?

Meaning of eaves in Hindi is : वलीकतट

Definition of word eaves

  • The underside of a roof that extends beyond the external walls of a building (noun)

Examples of word eaves

  • The swallow builds about the roofs of houses, under what we call the eaves, and sometimes in the corners of windows.
  • I think the reason for the lack of a normal roof with overhanging eaves is because it’s a modular prefab house.
  • The shot they keep repeating of the rescue worker hacking into a roof with water up to the eaves was a Metairie home.
  • I thought hanging it up to dry under the eaves might be a good idea, for air circulation.
  • Down at the eaves was the small arbor, green in summer, but covered now with dead vines and snow.
  • The little window under the eaves might be a nursery.
  • All the other houses in the street were new, with large window panes and smooth walls, but the old house had queer faces cut out of the beams over the windows, and under the eaves was a dragon's head for a rain-water spout.
  • Outside, the gentle drizzle and the soothing tinkle from the eaves were the only sounds; within, there was but the faint rustle of garments from
  • Here under the eaves was a ditch the boy had been digging to take off water.