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What is the meaning of ears in Hindi?

Meaning of ears in Hindi is :

Definition of word ears

  • Plural form of ear. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of ear. (verb)

Examples of word ears

    • * The puppeteers have hidden ears, hidden ears* --
    • The first _he_, in the last example, is redundant; yet the construction is sometimes admissible, for the expression is more forcible than it would be to say, "Let him hear who hath ears to hear;" and if we adopt the ingenious method of Mr. Smith, the sentence is grammatical, and may be rendered thus; "He that hath ears, _hath ears_ to hear; let him hear."
    • Any dope must be well rubbed in on face, neck, ears, and _behind ears_, hands (on the backs), wrists, and arms; but be very careful not to get it _in your eyes_.
    • Rounded off handsomely, like human ears [?] _Mid. _ (_feeling his ears_)
    • I used to have lamb’s ears in my garden but I… hm, got rid of them since I thought they were a bit slimey, *so sorry about that lamb’s ears*.
    • The word ‘ears’ might probably be better printed ‘’ears’ for
    • Anything that helps clear the cob webs out of the space between my ears is a good thing.
    • Even with a AAA battery, they are light and the foam padding around the ears is the perfect size, at least for my head & ears.
    • A good insulated cap with a sock hat to cover the ears is always in a pocket when needed along with some insulated gloves.