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What is the meaning of duration in Hindi?

Meaning of duration in Hindi is : स्थितिकाल

Definition of word duration

  • An amount of time or a particular time interval (noun)
    समय की एक राशि या एक विशेष समय अंतराल

Examples of word duration

  • You are getting a little bit higher rate as you go farther out on what we call the duration curve.
  • At the border, first the visa (immigration) and second, the temporary importation permit (Aduana/Banjecito), whose duration is assigned according to the visa.
  • More thrust isn't required, more burn duration is and that is the basic problem with the Ares I
  • All randomized trials of at least 12 weeks in duration that enrolled only adults and assessed interventions as they are usually provided to the public, or case series that met these criteria, stated the number of enrollees, and included a follow-up evaluation that lasted 1 year or longer were examined.
  • Yeah some freshwater fish can pull hard but duration is lacking.
  • Marriage duration is another new statistic, with the national average at about 18.2 years.
  • This exam, including the preparation process, varies in duration this is due to the filling and emptying time of the bladder.