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What is the meaning of dubbed in Hindi?

Meaning of dubbed in Hindi is :

Definition of word dubbed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of dub. (verb)

Examples of word dubbed

  • Did you know that "Giclee" was the French word dubbed to Iris Printing, that amazing technique that "spurts" color onto canvas?
  • Konami on Wednesday brought its popular Metal Gear Solid series to the iPhone with the debut of a title dubbed
  • I personally think that not all, but a small group of these (as Roland Martin dubbed them more than a month ago) 'nutty people' are.
  • "I think we're at a time where it's great to see people from all different backgrounds stepping up to lead the country," said Ayotte, a former state attorney general whom endorser Sarah Palin dubbed a "granite grizzly."
  • The creature of unknown origin dubbed the “Cloverfield monster”, stands over 30 stories tall and weighs over 6,400 tons.
  • It's cheesy and badly dubbed from the original American English BUT that last bedroom scene that ends with a shot from outside the room, the sound of a womanly pleased giggle and then "You're right on target".
  • The generic system name viewdata became obsolete due to depositing the brand name and was dubbed videotex – the Latin word combination for I see text.