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What is the meaning of drumstick in Hindi?

Meaning of drumstick in Hindi is : मुर्गी की टंगर्

Definition of word drumstick

  • A stick used to play drums. (noun)
  • The second joint of the leg bone of a chicken or other fowl, as meat. (noun)

Examples of word drumstick

    • "Trust Jack for that," added Peterkin, who was at that moment deeply engaged with what he called the drumstick of a roast monkey.
    • When, with its thick, palatable flesh, it is cooked and placed on the table, it is known as the "drumstick" -- a favorite part of the fowl with hungry boys, vying, in their minds, with the "white meat" of the breast.
    • Water and sanitation experts are currently investigating if a powder made from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera, commonly known as the drumstick or horseradish tree, can be used as a filter to purify water.
    • Similar to the way Peking duck is made, the chef dunks each "drumstick" into a hot-oil bath and then uses a ladle to give it final shower of hot oil before finishing it off in the oven.
    • Armless icing clowns with "drumstick" legs giving birth to sprinkles on top of four-leaf cupcake clovers.


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