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What is the meaning of drubbed in Hindi?

Meaning of drubbed in Hindi is :

Definition of word drubbed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of drub. (verb)

Examples of word drubbed

  • Sure, the Democrats will be drubbed, which is actually a word that is rarely seen in its verb form.
  • Gregory kind of drubbed old Dick Durbin about how to pay for health care.
  • They got drubbed by the Lakers last night, 112-57, the fewest points in Cavaliers history.
  • The tax cut lobby in Maine is quite vocal but as I said, has been roundly drubbed at the ballot.
  • "His returns are incredible," Richard Gasquet said after Djokovic drubbed him at the French Open last month.
  • "Like watching paint dry" – John Kear in uncharacteristically ungracious mood after his Wakefield team had been drubbed at Wigan on Easter Monday.
  • The strategy worked for more than a decade until the team was drubbed 3-0 by Germany in the 2003 World Cup semifinal.