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What is the meaning of draw in Hindi?

Meaning of draw in Hindi is : वर्णन करना

Definition of word draw

  • To sketch; depict with lines; to produce a picture with pencil, crayon, chalk, etc. on paper, cardboard, etc. (verb)
  • To drag, pull. (verb)
  • To pull out (as a gun from a holster, or a tooth). (verb)
  • To extract a liquid, or cause a liquid to come out, primarily water or blood, as in get water from a well, to run water for a bath, take a blood sample, or cause to bleed (the wound drew blood). (verb)
  • To attract. (verb)
  • To deduce or infer. (verb)
  • : to rely on; utilize as a source. (verb)
  • To disembowel. (verb)
  • To pull back the arrow in preparation for shooting. (verb)
  • To close. (verb)
  • (of drinks, especially tea) To leave temporarily so as to allow the flavour to increase. (verb)
  • To play a draw; to end a game in a draw (with neither side winning). (verb)
  • To consume, for example, power. (verb)
  • To determine the result of a lottery. (verb)
  • To take the top card of a deck into hand. (verb)
  • To trade in cards for replacements in draw poker games; to attempt to improve one's hand with future cards. See also draw out. (verb)
  • inhale (verb)
  • to cause (verb)
  • The result of a contest in which neither side has won; a tie. (noun)
  • The procedure by which the result of a lottery is determined. (noun)
  • The result of a two-innings match in which at least one side did not complete all their innings before time ran out. Different from a tie. (noun)
  • A golf shot that (for the right-handed player) curves intentionally to the left. See hook, slice, fade (noun)
  • A shot that lands in play without hitting another stone out, as opposed to a takeout shot. (noun)
  • A dry stream bed that drains surface water only during periods of heavy rain or flooding. (noun)
  • Cannabis. (noun)
  • In a commission-based job, an advance on future (potential) commissions given to an employee by the employer. (noun)
  • A situation in which one or more players has four cards of the same suit or four out of five necessary cards for a straight and requires a further card to make their flush or straight. (noun)
  • The schedule of games in a sports league - NRL Fixtures - 2011 NRL Draw (noun)
  • The act of pulling back the strings in preparation of firing. (noun)

Examples of word draw

  • His game was to draw our hero to some convenient place where he could play a still more significant game of _draw_.
  • And should this not be enough, I will add how Donatello (who, with the permission of Master Michael, was one of the first modern ones who in sculpture merited fame and name in Italy) never said anything else to his pupils, when teaching them, but draw, telling them in a single word of doctrine: ’Pupils, I give you the whole art of sculpture when I tell you — _draw!
  • Here, narrative games includes super linear games like CoD4 AND games with a malleable narrative like Deus Ex or Fallout, but not games where the main draw is futzing with a ruleset, such as the way most people play GTA outside of the missions or games like Noby Noby Boy.
  • The main draw is already touted as the best in tournament history.
  • Even without Roddick, the main draw is touted as the best in tournament history.


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