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What is the meaning of downtrodden in Hindi?

Meaning of downtrodden in Hindi is : पददलित

Definition of word downtrodden

  • Opressed, persecuted or subjugated. (adjective)
  • Past participle of downtrod (verb)

Examples of word downtrodden

    • One of the Bible's best-known examples of how we are to embrace the downtrodden is in the parable of the Good Samaritan.
    • But to cloak one's personal gripes, however subconsciously, in the cloak of solidarity with all downtrodden is just plain disingenuous -- to use the nicest word.
    • It’s perhaps of even greater interest to note that this Jewish support for the downtrodden is almost exclusively done on behalf of groups that are not Jewish.
    • “People see conservatives as not caring about the downtrodden, which is not true” said McCombs, who said conservatism was about empowering people to succeed for themselves — she mentioned she was especially disappointed with UW students who had protested the state legislature asking for more tuition assistance.
    • Sitting in a coffee house expounding on the lightness of being, while you quote esoteric quotes to prove how in touch you are with the downtrodden is the equivalent of a hot breeze on a hot day; annoying and needless.