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What is the meaning of downright in Hindi?

Meaning of downright in Hindi is : पूर्ण रूप से/स्पष्टवादी

Definition of word downright

  • Directed vertically; coming straight down. (adjective)
  • Really; actually; quite; thoroughly; utterly. (adverb)

Examples of word downright

    • "Dat's what I calls downright robbery, Kun'l," he exclaimed, highly incensed.
    • Even when I introduced them in the most delicate way, he was what I call downright rude.
    • Men are better judges of that than women; but for high, chivalrous spirit, for true principle and nobility, and what I call downright worth, I don't think you will easily find her superior.
    • "It's what I call downright Radical nonsense," said Mrs. Low, nodding her head energetically.
    • "It's what I call downright Radical nonsense," said Mrs Low, nodding her head energetically.
    • In resubmitting the legislation for renewal of what many consider the most controversial provisions -- and some label downright unconstitutional provisions -- within the Patriot Act, the Republican Rules Committee decided to allow only 60 minutes of debate.
    • A lull; "You let that child alone!" child, evidently of few years, screaming in downright terror.
    • But lets face the facts when it comes to the actual execution of it he downright is nothing short of a failure.