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What is the meaning of donut in Hindi?

Meaning of donut in Hindi is : डोनट
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Definition of word donut

  • Variant of doughnut. (noun)

Examples of word donut

  • If one donut is all you really want, you might want to stop into your local Krispy Kreme shop today (Jan 20th) because they are giving out one free donut to every customer in honor of Inauguration Day!
  • Krispy Kreme donuts are almost too sweet for me to eat more than one at a time, but when that one donut is still hot from the fryer and freshly glazed, it is simply delicious.
  • XXXAngel ChopsXXX The bit about the about the donut is wrong.
  • Hoops around a tube within a donut, is there an easier way to describe this magnificent piece?
  • Off to buy a donut from a local bakery … talk amongst yourselves in the meantime.

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