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What is the meaning of doctorate in Hindi?

Meaning of doctorate in Hindi is : डक्टर की उपाधि

Definition of word doctorate

  • The highest degree awarded by a university faculty. (noun)
  • To make into a doctor. (verb)

Examples of word doctorate

    • After all, presumably someone with a doctorate is a highly educated person possessing a vigorous work ethic --- and more importantly, has achieved the ability to think abstractly at a very high level.
    • For example, a doctorate is a degree that is attained by the completion of the educational requirements.
    • There will be 6 days of cultural activity dedicated to the “sacred music par excellence,” which shall include conferences, recitals, an introductory course with Professor Rafael Martinez, an intermediary course with Dr. Herminio Sanchez de la Barquera, and an advanced course for teachers on semiological interpretation given by Professor Nino Albarota, who recently received an honorary doctorate from the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome (PIMS).
    • By 1905, Einstein received his doctorate from the University of Physics and went on to lecture in Germany.
    • The Klansman on the hunt for a doctorate is not a doctor.
    • Did bit just call out the fake doctor whose doctorate is definitely NOT in theology? ralph thinks so.
    • Aucker, who had obtained his job with a doctorate from a nonaccredited California company, packed up and left town in the middle of the night in
    • Let me guess, you got your doctorate from the ACME School of Holistic Medicine and Taxidermy Science?
    • At different times over the years, Perdue has made conflicting claims regarding the subject of her doctorate from the University of Florida.
    • It was not until 1975, when she was eighty-three, that her work was acknowledged by the award of an honorary doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for her idea of “organized transport of youth into kibbutzim.”