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What is the meaning of distribution in Hindi?

Meaning of distribution in Hindi is : व्याप्ति

Definition of word distribution

  • An act of distributing or state of being distributed. (noun)

Examples of word distribution

  • The cycle involving hundreds of billions of dollars starting from tax collection … and ending in distribution is not easy to follow but we plan to make it much more exposed to public scrutiny.
  • For the purposes of this guide the term distribution does
  • United Nations special envoy Moustapha Niasse said the DRC groups were now ready to discuss what he termed the distribution of state responsibilities.
  • MR. MCCURRY: Well, what they call the distribution tables won't be done by the Treasury Department until they have actually got some specific legislative language that they're looking at, so I don't know that anyone, including Mr. Gephardt, are in a position at this point to understand what the distributional impact of any tax code changes would be.
  • There were several changes that we've made in what we call distribution.
  • The reduction in the amount of the award spurred the RIAA to question whether certain terms in the Copyright Act were misinterpreted and need further examination-specifically, the word "distribution."
  • Sunoco Logistics (NYSE: SXL) also increased its equivalent of a dividend, which it calls a distribution, to $1.04 per unit for the quarter.
  • We know that digital distribution is changing the way people buy their reading material.
  • I don't know if the tax structure benefits publishers there more than our tax structure does here, or if the economics of distribution largely within a much smaller, more densely populated country plays a part (distribution is horrendously expensive), but the current American SF newsstand is pretty much ruled by UK magazines, everything from SFX to Sci Fi Now and Deathray to a zillion licensed TV titles (is Charmed even still on TV??).