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What is the meaning of distribute in Hindi?

Meaning of distribute in Hindi is : विभाजित करना

Definition of word distribute

  • To divide into portions and dispense. (verb)
    भागों में बांटना और बांटना।

Examples of word distribute

  • According to The Sun, McFly are in the "final" stages of signing to Universal, which will see the label distribute and promote their products overseas.
  • Sony settled charges in 2007 brought by the Federal Trade Commission over the incident, which saw the label distribute around 50 music CDs containing "rootkit" software that could open a user's computer to attacks.
  • Donaldson also arranged to have a Greek Orthodox chaplain distribute icons and Russian crosses to POWs as part of religious work for the POWs.
  • Will the Webb campaign again distribute anti-Semitic fliers in the region?
  • To start with, we have an online petition asking Sony to basically get a grip and realise that the music Beatallica distribute is parody, and therefore legal.
  • Software that costs $5 to make and distribute is sold for $100, 20 times the cost.
  • Also, as Palin and McCain play the “let’s google when Obama has ever used the word distribute in the past” game you might also want to take a look at this:
  • Still others distribute from a central point once or twice a week, at the subscriber’s convenience.
  • Corbis Warner's record labels distribute classic artists including Led Zeppelin.
  • Motion pictures are the most expensive content to create and distribute, which is why movie studios and television networks have been the most aggressive in calling for copy restrictions online.