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What is the meaning of distinction in Hindi?

Meaning of distinction in Hindi is : सम्मान

Definition of word distinction

  • That which distinguishes; a single occurrence of a determining factor or feature, the fact of being divided; separation, discrimination. (noun)
    वह जो अलग करता है; एक निर्धारण कारक या विशेषता की एकल घटना, विभाजित होने का तथ्य; अलगाव, भेदभाव।

Examples of word distinction

  • In short, perhaps we can argue that the distinction, such as it is, between Socrates and his humanity is merely a ˜distinction of reason™.
  • The distinction cannot therefore be dismissed as a ˜distinction without a difference™.
  • The rubrics also prescribe that the priest keep his hands closed for the Lord's prayer, a rubric that does set it in distinction from the typical practice in this regard.
  • But the main distinction is this: Here, the students are being coerced to participate in a patriotic exercise, not a religious exercise.
  • The main distinction is that fusion power produces no high-level radioactive waste (though activated plant materials still need to be disposed of).
  • In my mind the main distinction is that in Kenya there were no extermination camps.
  • The strategy, it seems to me, that they can best adopt to achieve and maintain distinction, is to cherish diversity.