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What is the meaning of dissever in Hindi?

Meaning of dissever in Hindi is : विभाजित करना

Definition of word dissever

  • To separate, split apart. (verb)
  • To divide into separate parts. (verb)

Examples of word dissever

    • Granted things like Cellular, TMNT, Push and even the Fantastic Four films are a bit lack luster but I feel Evans consistently preformed higher than any of them dissever.
    • If our politicians in Washington don ` t wake up, more and more Americans are going to dissever themselves from our government.
    • What obstacles can there be, to dissever souls so paired?
    • And then he bade the youngest son dissever every one from other, and break everych by himself.
    • Wherefore, as meseemeth, all gentlemen that bear old arms ought of right to honour Sir Tristram for the goodly terms that gentlemen have and use, and shall to the day of doom, that thereby in a manner all men of worship may dissever a gentleman from a yeoman, and from a yeoman a villain.


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