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What is the meaning of displayable in Hindi?

Meaning of displayable in Hindi is :

Definition of word displayable

  • Capable of being displayed. (adjective)

Examples of word displayable

  • To succeed, entrepreneurs who are building networked systems based on user content (be they citizens of Second Life or the makers of virtual worlds themselves) must realize that anything displayable is copyable; the value lies instead in service and in server-side functionality.
  • Some of the images and video on thus web site have been created by the author, others come from friends, public domain files, are used with permission, embedded from the original web site, or are legally displayable thumbnails.
  • "A Michael Jackson signed guitar might be really cool and displayable because you can pick it up and play" Billie Jean ", whereas an original studio executive's copy of the 35mm film version of" Thriller "in its original metal canister might be unique but pretty boring to look at," advises Dave.
  • The aims of the conservation process were to stabilize the artifacts and minimize further deterioration, to enable their study by the various finds specialists, and to treat finds selected for Burdur Musuem to a displayable standard.
  • Since the lowercase ASCII characters were unavailable, the AppleII video routines translated any characters in the $E0-$FF range into characters in the $C0-$DF range, making them displayable on the uppercase-only screen.


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