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What is the meaning of display in Hindi?

Meaning of display in Hindi is : स‌ंप्रदर्शन

Definition of word display

  • A show or spectacle. (noun)
    एक शो या तमाशा।
  • To spread out, to unfurl. (verb)
    फैलाना, फैलाना।

Examples of word display

    • Uses font defined as character 3 Text PlaceObject character 4 Character 5 Add text to display list* Morph ShowFrame Render contents of the display* DefineMorphShape as character 5 Contol tag StartSound character 2 Definition tag PlaceObject character 5 Character Add Morph to display list* ShowFrame Render contents of the display** See The Display List.
    • It’s been a good year for 3D display technologies so far; here’s a demo video embedded of a ‘multi-digit 3D volumetric display‘ from some Toronto students.
    • Assuming they were regularly spaced at minimum spacing to suit the label display size and there was no other data you would need about 50 A1 drawing sheets just to plot them legibly seems a bit weird.
    • The only thing we would need to alter is the title display from