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What is the meaning of displacement in Hindi?

Meaning of displacement in Hindi is : विस्थापन प्रतिअनुनाद

Definition of word displacement

  • The act of displacing, or the state of being displaced; a putting out of place. (noun)

Examples of word displacement

  • Kuhn had attacked my Whiggish use of the term "displacement current."
  • The first paper, presented by Matthias Bernt from Berlin, usefully set out to define the term displacement - the central theme of the conference.
  • There's wear and tear, and more importantly, there's what they call a displacement of not doing the things to care for yourself.
  • Increase of surveillance, the entrance of the Pentagon technology, and that could have contributed to the cooling off period, and it also could have contributed to what we call displacement of the crime.
  • I suspect the subtext to this displacement is the dread of death.
  • They could then arrive on the scene, by truck or where necessary helicopter, and be erected within a few days of a disaster, eliminating the need for costly 'temporary' emergency shelter and the long-term displacement of families.
  • He reads it aloud, "During a routine examination of the relevant State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources Case File, it appears that you will need financial assistance in displacement costs relative to locating a new site."