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What is the meaning of discovery in Hindi?

Meaning of discovery in Hindi is : शोध

Definition of word discovery

  • Something discovered. (noun)
    कुछ पता चला।

Examples of word discovery

  • But it would be right to say, _The discovery of America was more important THAN ANY OTHER geographical discovery_.
  • _The discovery of America was MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANY geographical discovery_, for that is saying that the discovery of America was more important than itself -- an absurdity.
  • They have been increased in a certain appreciable proportion by _discovery_; and as discovery has been made chiefly in islands, -- for the great continents had been previously known, -- and as the mammals of islands, as has been well remarked by Cuvier, are usually small, of this appreciable proportion the bulk is comparatively not great.
  • Helen Keller scholars say the discovery is an important one.
  • And these visualizations open up an opportunity to do what we call discovery science.
  • And while astronomers are not yet able to look for signs of biology on the planet, the discovery is a milestone in planet detection and the search for extraterrestrial life, one with the potential to profoundly change our outlook on the universe.
  • This discovery is an historic one, General, and I hope it is not out of line to say that I am proud to be a part of it.
  • Pierre Ray and colleagues at University Hospital in Grenoble said while deletions of some portion of the Y chromosome have been found in infertile men, their discovery is a rare example in which a mutation in a single gene causes male infertility.