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What is the meaning of discontinuation in Hindi?

Meaning of discontinuation in Hindi is : विराम

Definition of word discontinuation

  • Breach or interruption of continuity; separation of parts in a connected series; discontinuance. (noun)
    निरंतरता का उल्लंघन या रुकावट; एक जुड़े श्रृंखला में भागों को अलग करना; बंद करना

Examples of word discontinuation

  • Side effects included pancreatitis and shingles that resulted in discontinuation of 5-acetylsalicylic acid, leukopenia corrected by withholding 6-mercaptopurine and self-resolved hepatitis.
  • It resolved pretty easily, again, either by very short-term discontinuation and then re-initiation of treatment perhaps at a lower dose, or just lowering the dose and continuing to treat.
  • Overstocked major retailers are discounting so deeply that smaller, less nimble stores may not survive, financial backers are beating a retreat, and barely a day goes by without the news of store closures, label discontinuation, or outright bankruptcy.
  • Researchers say patients should be considered on a case-by-case basis, but at least in patients where bleeding concerns do not outweigh those for stent thrombosis, short-term discontinuation of thienopyridine therapy "may be relatively safe."
  • The third phase is called discontinuation, that macotherapy has been execution, which is the sub - is, when the treatment ceases - whether because ject of this chapter.
  • It proposes the "discontinuation" of all Unitra's programmes outside of the medical school.
  • you weren't even there. wee favour, i'm trying hard to try and pin mark thomas down and chat about the direction of the arms control movement. after the 'discontinuation' of BAE's Virgin Island slush-fund operations, I think I've had it, I really have!
  • Lilly's pipeline setbacks have included the discontinuation of studies of an experimental Alzheimer's disease drug, and a delay in regulatory approval for diabetes drug Bydureon, which Lilly has co-developed with Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Alkermes Inc.
  • Additionally, FDA officials decided the drug must carry a warning on its label stating, "An increased rate of stroke was observed following Xarelto discontinuation in clinical trials" in patients with the faulty heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation.