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What is the meaning of disbelieving in Hindi?

Meaning of disbelieving in Hindi is : अविश्वासपूर्ण

Definition of word disbelieving

  • Present participle of disbelieve. (verb)
  • refusing to believe; skeptical or incredulous (adjective)

Examples of word disbelieving

    • Lucien faced his longtime friend and companion, his expression disbelieving.
    • But that was before Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was stripped of the ball at his 25 by cornerback Michael Adams on the first possession of overtime, and before Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby took the ball and raced into the end zone as the home fans screamed in disbelieving and unbridled joy.
    • News of the shared experience of tear gas and of the police firing at them was spread in disbelieving, hastily transmitted messages from person to person to, and those who had not been present in the first moments of violence soon informed.
    • Hekate’s pale brows knitted together, her expression disbelieving.
    • Last summer, when the cruise ship pulled into Beirut, passengers whipped out their cell phones to call disbelieving friends back home.