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What is the meaning of disagreeing in Hindi?

Meaning of disagreeing in Hindi is : असहमत

Definition of word disagreeing

  • Present participle of disagree. (verb)

Examples of word disagreeing

  • When disagreeing is being a jerk, then there can be no discussion.
  • But honestly, there's no problem in disagreeing with a review but do it smartly and not .... like that.
  • Stop and listen to those differing opinions before you label anyone speaking out (or just plain disagreeing with POTUS) a racist.
  • Rush certainly could use some lessons in disagreeing with someone yet remaining civil.
  • Rep. Joe Wilson actually proved president's point that we have lost the civility in disagreeing with each others point of view.
  • DaveScot doesn't delete all posts that are in disagreeing with his views.
  • There is no shame in disagreeing with a madman and his folly … ..
  • Wow … I could hardly hear what was being said … both so passionate on their points and in disagreeing with each other … to be honest I’m not sure what happened …
  • What else could possibly explain disagreeing with the Right’s brilliant ideas?
  • He added: ‘I am firm in disagreeing with those who say that Sharia law should be made a separate system in the UK.